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CLK Associates, LLC is dedicated to helping artisans, custom furniture crafter's, and home based businesses select the right adhesive product to assemble the media they work with.   Specific emphasis is on the selection and application of high clarity adhesives used to assemble glass and clear plastics to themselves or to a broad range of other materials.

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High Clarity UV Adhesives for Garden Art
Garden art is best described as turning miscellaneous pieces of glass, ceramic, wine bottles, pressed glass, sea glass and metal into an indoor or outdoor sculpture. The real challenge is in building the sculpture with different pieces that were never designed to go together in the first place.

Minding the gaps: Using glue to fill in for missing glass shards or splinters
You’re gathered with friends for a backyard dinner party, enjoying some wine as you work the barbecue, when your heirloom glass slips off the grill’s side shelf, hits the grass, and snaps at the neck. You collect the two pieces of the glass, but when you fit them together, you see that a few shards are missing, leaving noticeable gaps at the joint..       more-

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If you are not sure what product to select, call us …..or send us some of  your parts and we will put them together and return them for your approval 

 Any one of the materials referenced are available in a no cost* evaluation kit. Just pay $19.96 shipping & handling