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The following recommendations are offered as a general guide - as experience indicates that for many applications almost any product in the selector could be considered a candidate for your work.

Following is the criteria that has been used to put this group of products together –

Clarity - in thin films all of the products have good clarity => they create invisible glue lines.   As the glue line increases in thickness there can be a slight hint of color – typically straw.    As the product ages in direct sunlight it is possible that minor discoloration can occur – this typically takes years to notice.

Differences in COE (coefficient of expansion)  - this is of concern when attaching metal trim or clear plastics to glass, or when you are working with extremely thin sections of art glass – choose high elongation product AP 012  This is also the product of choice for piano hinges on glass.

Structural attachment of hardware to glass – when you can get light to the glue line AP 011 is the recommended candidate – for opaque materials such as ceramics your choice is AP 021 with activator AP 020 see the tutorial on mounting hardware.

For Glass case construction with polished edgesAP 017 is the recommended product of choice – make sure that you don’t specify pencil edges as you will need all the surface area you can get.

Crack repair and counter top scratch repair - AP 017 is the recommended product.  “Ask Chuck”

Bevel bonding and Mosaics – For clear plastic or glass backing plate  AP 023 is the recommended product.

For on- site vertical wall construction use AP 011 Gel for high clarity work where the glue line can be seen. For work where the glue line can not be seen the recommended product is AP 021 Gel with activator AP 020. See the tutorial on mounting hardware.if a haze in thicker bond lines is acceptable – in thin bond lines it isn’t noticeable.

For Glass that is put through a dishwasher from time to time AP 011 is the recommended product.

If you still can’t decide where to start, or if you need additional input “Ask Chuck” .

Cracked but not broken glass or crystal – Clear Glass => AP 017

Translucent colored glass - Crack but not broken repair => AP 017

Polished edge glass showcase/display case construction => AP 017

Stainless edging on glass => AP 012

Swarovski element work => AP 011

Glass shelving with metal standoffs => AP 011

Signage on Glass – glue line visible/on site installation => AP 011 Gel

Signage on Glass – glue line not visible/on site installation => AP 021 Gel / Activator AP 020

Signage on Glass (Exterior) – Additional surface prep recommended => Gap-4 Silane

Retention of metal pins in glass => AP 017

Glass Bevel lamination => AP 023

Attachment of metal hinges of latches to glass = >AP 011

Counter top/Glass scratch repair => AP 017

Garden Art -AP 011 or AP011 Gel  *See Blog Article    (Silane pretreatment of glass recommended – Gap-4)

On site signage/facade glass work => AP 011 Gel

Bevel Bonding and Mosaic work with glass or acrylic backing => AP 023

Stained glass work with Glass or Acrylic backing =>AP 023

Wide area lamination work => AP 012

Thin cross section art glass => AP 012

Fly finish – General purpose => AP 019A

A - Product not available in syringes - 50 gram bottle – separate price

Materials are available in 10 and 30 gram syringe packs that accept a wide variety of applicator tips for controlled dispensing– products (with the exception of Gel grades) are also available in applicator bottles with an integral dispensing tip.

Generic uses for high clarity light curing adhesives – all of the adhesives will have good to excellent clarity in thin bond lines – all products can be cured with low intensity, low cost light sources – for specific recommendations contact “Chuck” – Typically 80% of glass and clear plastic fabrication can be accomplished with one of the General purpose products. 

Clear Glass to glass = > P/N AP 011

Clear Glass to metal => P/N AP 011

Translucent Glass to translucent glass, or to clear plastic => P/N AP 012

Opaque glass, ceramic and metal => AP 021 and Activator AP 020

Field installation work – Glass to glass, to plastic, or to metal => P/N AP 011 Gel

Clear Plastic to clear plastic => AP 012

Lamination of glass to glass or to metal (large areas) => AP 023

For all exterior work a pretreatment of the glass is recommended – Gap - 4

Any one of the materials referenced are available in a no cost* evaluation kit. Just pay $19.96 shipping & handling

Evaluation Kit

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If you are not sure what product to select, call us …..or send us some of  your parts and we will put them together and return them for your approval

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