Colored Adhesives for Glass

AP 023 can be used as a clear base for the addition of dyes or pigments  - This is a general purpose light curing product that comes in a clear base that is suitable for general purpose bonding of both clear plastics and glass that accepts primary colors and tints

Note:  the addition of dyes and pigments can retard the light curing capability of the product.   Strength of the bond may also be affected and should be evaluated by the user.   It is recommended that only very small additions of colorant by weight be made – typically less than 1% is recommended.
There are two approaches to color - creating a translucent assembly that will pass light and blocking light passage with heavier loading of the pigments  - in paint/coatings they refer to the ability of something to cover or hide what's underneath it 
 Primary Colors:    
Primary Color Red

2 mil adhesive film - fixture is less than 20 seconds at 3" from a low intensity UV-A florescent light fixture - Full cure of the adhesive in less than 2 minutes.

Depth of color and cure times using a mix ratio of 
about 30:1 (30 grams of AP -CB 011 to 1 gram of primary red pigment) at 
a film thickness of 2 mils

Glass on glass is the series of pigmented base colors across the top of the photo – the small drop of the pigmented clear base was placed on a glass slide and a second glass slide was placed on the drop of pigmented base and allowed to set undisturbed for a period of time prior to setting the specimen under a low intensity uv-a florescent light fixture to set and cure.

The intermediate reading is the pigmented base with a film of 2 to 3 mills between the glass slides.

The lower tier of glass slides has a pigmented base film of 5 mils between the glass slides.

There are (5) primary colors (red/violet/green/blue/yellow).  White and black are considered tinting pigments, but can be used as a standalone pigment in the clear base.

All of the colors are mixable to create custom colors and are compatible with the clear base.

Colors are translucent in glass on glass in thin/zero gap conditions.

Following guidelines hold for using these pigments.

Very little loading of the clear base (AP-CB 011) is required  - the colors in the photo were created using a mix ratio of approximately  50 parts of clear base to one part pigment.  

Set times for translucent color conditions (thin bond lines) is very quick – The clear base will fixture in less than 10 seconds at a distance of 2” from a low intensity 40 watt UV-A florescent black light.   A pigmented clear base will typically fixture in approximately 15 seconds for glass on glass applications.

Deeper color will increase set time and has the potential to reduce the effective performance of the clear base and should be evaluated.

Some of the colored circles in the photo have small inclusions in the colored adhesive film – this is air that has either been introduced during the mixing of the pigment into the clear base or as a result improper technique in laying the piece of glass on the adhesive film. 

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