Frequently Asked Questions
What is the shelf life of light cure products?

When stored in original containers, at room temperature, away from sunlight Dymax guarantees one year from date of packaging.  Typically the product will last significantly longer as long as storage instructions are followed.

How can I assure myself that the product is still good?

A fixture test (see video) is a reliable indicator that the material has not deteriorated.

What is the shelf life of the activator used on opaque materials to set the adhesive?

Activators are oxygen sensitive and will deteriorate when exposed to open air.   When not in use do not leave them uncapped – reseal them as soon as possible.  Early indications that the activator is beginning to deteriorate is slower fixture times or the color of the liquid gets a darker brown. 
see video on activator fixture test)

How long do I need to leave the parts under the light source?

Once the parts fixture you need to multiply that fixture time by 5 as a guideline for full cure. However this is only good for very close fitting parts.  Also, it is important that you do not move or adjust parts while curing takes place (see video on how to establish fixture)

Will the glue last forever?

Probably not – you need to evaluate the adhesive’s suitability for the intended use (See the tutorial on adhesive failure analysis)

Will the glue line discolor with time?

Heat and sunlight can cause discoloration/yellowing of the bond line over long periods of time if extensive outdoor exposure is expected.  The development of a light haze is typically the result of a loss of adhesion between the glass and the adhesive.  Contact “chuck” for a suggested screening and qualification tests.

Adhesive that squeezes out of the glue joint is tacky?

Light curing adhesives are stable when exposed to air and will not fully cure at the surface when low intensity light sources are used – all of the material that is in the joint (between the mating parts) is fully cured because air contact has been eliminated.  Over time squeeze out/tackiness may disappear - excess adhesive that squeezes out of a joint can be cleaned away with a razor knife and the area cleaned with an isopropyl wipe.

How long after I apply the uv adhesive do I have before the product sets up?

As long as you have not exposed the adhesive to a UV-A light source it will not begin to cure.  The product only begins to cure when you expose the bond line to UV-A light, or bright visible light.  The product does cure slowly when exposed to direct sunlight or bright interior lighting once applied and care should be exercised to insure consistent performance,

Does the product keep curing after I remove the uv light source?

If you have not honored the fivefold multiple of exposure time (or longer if the parts aren’t well matched) the adhesive will not be fully cured when using low intensity light sources.   The product will not continue to cure once the light source is removed -

How do I set up a manual syringe for controlled dispensing?

See video tutorial

What’s the best cleaner for glass? 

Isopropyl alcohol as it leaves no residue – glass cleaners leave a residue.

What is the effective coverage of a 30 ML syringe pack?

Coverage depends on how the product is applied.

Small dots applied to crystals ( such as Swarovski Flat Backs using a touch transfer method
will provide several thousand bonds.

Flat surface coverage will depend on how well the surface match each other -
theoretically, a one mil gap will cover in excess of 10 square feet. Realistically, coverage will be in the
2 to 3 square foot range.

How do I dispose of old or unwanted material? 

Uncured adhesives are liquid plastics – old or unwanted light curing adhesives can be dispensed into a poly bag and place the bag in the sun for one day.  Discard or recycle as a plastic.  The safety data sheets on the products also provide disposal guidelines.  The packages the adhesives come in are also plastic and can be of in the same manner as a plastic container.
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Copyright © 2016 CLK Associates LLC. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission.