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Variable speed conveyor from Dymax Corporation -

System is 120 V AC.

Footprint is 50" long by 24" wide

Unit Accepts (2) Dymax 5000-EC lamp systems

Hours on the system - - less than 600

Unit is located in Goshen, CT -           Contact [email protected] for details.
Contact Chuck if you are interested in a refurbished, higher intensity light for production work.
UV - light source - Dymax EC -5000 - 400 watt system - 115 Volts -

The EC-5000 unit is a focused reflector design with a working area of 5"by 5" .  

The hour meter on the power supply indicate the unit has less
than 20 hours on the power supply.  There is a reflector stand that is
provided with the unit.

Contact [email protected] for price or make an offer -
The Lightwelder Combo has an older look, painted sheet metal rather than
brushed aluminum - however, performance is comparable to the updated
EC-5000.   Hour meter has less than 500 hours on the power supply.  The
flood and focused reflector heads can be operated with the same power
supply by switching the bulb in the reflector assembly.  There is a
common connector for both reflector heads.

Contact [email protected] for price or make an offer -